Centrum Edukacji Międzykulturowej,
Aleja Wolności 23 (MOK),
33-300 Nowy Sącz

tel: + 48 602 476 108
tel: + 48 608 315 089


CEM’s Board

Bożena Kocyk – President
Jolanta Kieres – Vice President
Joanna Wituszyńska – Vice President
Maria Baran – Secretary
Maria Janisz – Treasurer
Halina Komar – Honorary President


May 2024

   We completed our educational activities in June. This does not mean that CEM’s activities have been suspended for the summer. In July, important events took place for the organization and the Esperanto community.
    An important event for us was a gathering to celebrate Jola Kieres’ 80th birthday – our Esperanto Language Teacher. Jola is a great promoter of the Esperanto language and has been serving as the president of the Esperantists Club at the Municipal Center for Culture for several decades. She was also one of the founders of the Association and currently holds the position of Vice President of CEM’s board. Jola leads the Senior Doctor’s Club at the Nowy Sącz branch of the District Medical Chamber. She is an active student at SUTW and enthusiastically performs with the theater group “Gwiazdeczki.” She travels the world.
    We all admire her intellectual and physical activity. Above all, we can say and write that Jola is a wonderful person, a wonderful friend. She has created an incomparable Esperanto family in our Association, which gathered in large numbers (30 people!) at the jubilee meeting. There were wishes, flowers, toasts, and songs. The Polish language intertwined with Esperanto. The several-hour meeting took place in a very joyful and family atmosphere.
    We wish our jubilarian many happy years in good health and with the same sense of humor as before. Jolu, may you live for a 100 years!
    Additionally, in July, the 40th Polish Esperanto Congress took place in Siedlce. A CEM delegation consisting of Bożena Kocyk, Jolanta Kieres, and Marian Kocyk participated in the congress.
    In Turin, Italy, on July 29th, the 108th World Esperanto Congress began and will last until August 5th. A 16-member group from CEM attended the congress. CEM.

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